all the info your need for the weekend!

A huge thanks from us for being part of the first Great Western Tattoo Show and the first tattoo convention here in Swindon.

Doors will open at 11am each day (provided we aren’t delayed by the Swindon Borough Council inspection) and close at 6pm. Once you have your wristband for the day, you can come and go during this time as you wish.

Entry and exit is through the main entrance of Steam Museum and through Hawksworth Hall to the right.

Parking is only available at the museum for blue badge holders. Public parking is available nearby at the McArthur Glen Outlet Village, Brunel Centre and Shepheard Street.

Food and drink is available at the event from numerous vendors and is not allowed to be brought in from elsewhere. Bag searches are a condition of entry and food and drink purchased elsewhere will be confiscated.

Artists and vendors will take a mix of cash and card. If you find you need cash there are cash machines a very short walk away at the outlet village entrance.

Tattooing is strictly 18 or over with consent and I.D may be required.

Below is a list of attendees and some useful maps to help.

Click on the name for more details.


Name Studio Location
Angelo Mario Angelo Mario 111
Ant Eagles Distinkt Tattoos 91
Anthony John Britton Jinkzed Tattoo and Piercing 81
Ash Wolfe Soceity Thirteen 63
Ashley Ethan Perry Embellished ink 79
Ashley James Clark True Gent Tattoos 41
Beau Langenhan Alice In Tattoo Land 83
Ben Moore Black Heart ink 47
Ben Ryall Fat Cat Tattoo 59
Ben Smith The Lair Studio 74
Beni Szojka Black Heart Ink 51
Bryony Meller Avant Art Tattoo 46
Charlie Bissell Bissell Ink 52
Charlie Povey Black Heart ink 49
Courtney Burton Hellflower Tattoo 85
Craig McParland Off Key 69
Daniel Gabriel Vasile Silver Lining Studios 66
Danielle Taylor Carousel Tattoo 42
Dave Kane Scream’n Ink 103
Davie King The Wakkie Ink Company 56
Duncan Lambert Dark Lantern Tattoo Collective 105
Dylan Thomas TK Tattoo Kingdom 77
Ewa Russu Ink Realm 98
Ioana Anechitei Dark Storm Tattoos 96
James Doel Jd Inked 104
James Trotman Distinkt Tattoos 89
Jason Adelinia Carousel Tattoo 43
Jessie Fell Black Heart Ink 48
Joanna Bryant The Wakkie Ink Company 54
Jodie Jenkins Hellflower Tattoo 86
Joel Rai Silver Lining Studios 67
Josh Edwards Fat Cat Tattoo 60
Julian Atkins Ghosty Studio 94
Karla e britton Jinkzed Tattoo and Piercing 80
Karol Prietz Blank Spot 57
Kelly Julio Tigerlily 109
Lauren Brown Skin Wizard Tattoo Studio 70
Lee Blackhurst Black circle tattoo studio 53
Lee Tilley Studio Ink 108
Lucas Harman The Wakkie Ink Company 55
Marc Nutley Studio Ink 106
Melissa Ann Burns Iconyx Tattoo 110
Miroslaw Sim Ink Realm 99
Moises Alves Vieira La Migra Ink 93
Omie Nadler Skin Wizard Tattoo Studio 71
Owen Paulls Owen Paulls Tattoos 40
Paige Clarke Little Acorn Tattoo 62
Paul feane Skin Wizard Tattoo Studio 72
Paul James Ware Alice In Tattoo Land 82
Piotr Galeski Ink Realm 97
Poppy Ward Poppy Rose Tattoo 102
Poum Woonsee Distinkt Tattoos 90
Rob Furtuna Dark Storm Tattoos 95
Sam Vallance Skin Wizard Tattoo Studio 73
Shanice Tucker S-line studios 84
Shaun Maddy Pleasure or Pain Productions 58
Shell Hazell Studio Ink 107
Steph Cooper Steph Cooper 92
Stephanie Clarke Little Acorn Tattoo 61
Stephen Edwards Blood Eagle Tattoos 64
Steve Hunter Blood Eagle Tattoos 65
Steve Lowry The Lair Studio 75
Tak Jones TK Tattoo Kingdom 76
Tim Watts Black Heart ink 50
Tom Pithers Hell Cat Tattoo 44
Trey Ayim Silver Lining Studios 68
Valentina Mandrillo Avant Art Tattoo 45
Victoria Cuthbert Hellflower Tattoo 87
Yoji canniffe Distinkt Tattoos 88
Yvonne Whitworth Two Magpies Tattoo Studio 78



Name Location
Bow & Thorn 5
Cant Cutz 9
Chupacabra Taxidermy 24
Croc Art Tattoo Care 30
Deck Of Many Scents 17
Evil Eye Art 10
Gemmas Curiosity Shop 8
GWTS Merch 3
Hellbent City 11
Deck Of Many Scents 18
Monsters Ink 29
Old Eltons Clothing 16
Pinz & Needlez 14
Rokkall Gems 20
RT Jewellery & Art 4
Sea Of Curiosities 23
Sharon McKinley Designs 7
Slaying Spraying 15
Steilea 21
The Flash Collective 25
Weird & Wonderful Ceramics 12


Name Location
Black Tears Rum 34
Casslows Bar 33
Darkroom Espresso 32
Niangs Thai Street Food 28
Soleluna Pizza 27
Stockers Catering 26


Name Additional Info Location
Amy Toth Piercing 101
DJ Booth 35
Max Ward Tooth Gems 100
Smugglers UK CIC Our Chosen Charity 19
The Basement Barbers 31
Seb Morton Hand Drawn Temporary Tattoos for the Stroke Association 38


Name Location
Tickets 1
Information 2
GWTS Merch 3
Artist / Vendor Support 37
Stencil Centre 36