Artist, Trader and Team Logistics

A huge thanks from us for being part of the second Great Western Tattoo Show. We have made improvements on year one and are trying out new things. Please let us know if anything isn’t quite right.



Unless arranged in advance, set up is from Midday on Friday 26th July 2024 until 6pm. 

Doors will close at 6pm on the Friday as we will all make our way to The Castle where we have put on a buffet for all artists, traders and our team. Details of the venue and nearest parking are on the map.

The doors will open on Saturday and Sunday at 8 am for set up on the day and secured overnight. Anything left overnight is at your own risk. You must be set up by 10 am. No loading or unloading will be permitted between 10 am and 7pm each day unless restocking. The public opening hours are 10 am until 7 pm. 10 am until 11 am is for advance ticket holders only. 

Following feedback from 2023, Stockers Street Food will be up and running from 8am on both days serving breakfast. Darkroom Espresso will also be operating at this time and they hope to have a WhatsApp booth order and delivery service running through the event for tea and coffee etc. 

On Saturday evening we are taking over The Tuppenney, a bar in Old Town. This is an opportunity for a wind down, a few drinks and a catch up with convention colleagues. There are no live bands playing or general public access but there are a number of other venues nearby.  

Although we have taken over the whole venue there is a limit on number of people that we can have so please ensure you have ‘booked’ – here



Drop off for setting up MUST be complete by 0930 am and vehicles moved to the car parking area.

Vehicles must not be brought up to the venue for breakdown before 7 pm.

The map below shows the location of car parks and routes to the venue. All vehicles must be parked in the car park a short walk from the venue after unloading unless essential stock is in the vehicle. Please note that the car park is behind the National Trust building NOT the Outlet Centre parking. You will be charged for parking there.

The National Trust Car park is open for entry until 10am and which time the entrance closes. The exit remains open.

Entry will not be permitted into the venue without wristbands. If you have lost your wristband please contact Gary as stewards will not be able to assist other than at registration.

Traders and caterers will be issued wristbands according to the details already provided.

Tattoo Artists and Piercers will be provided with 1 wristband for the artist and 1 additional wristband for an assistant etc. If your additional person is different on each day please return the wristband for exchange. If this is not possible then day ticket rates will apply. 

Only Tattoo Artists and Skin Piercers that are registered in advance with GWTS can carry out the activities at the show. This includes all other practitioners from your studio even if they are on the same licence and/or insurance.

Access for set up on the Friday will be permitted across the ‘yard’ which will be covered by a marquee. However, all access from Saturday morning will be through a sign posted door as marked on the plan. Exit and entrance past the food vendors will not be permitted unless in an emergency. 

This is to improve control of access after issues in 2023.




No attendee will be permitted to trade or tattoo etc if we have not received a valid PLI and any other documentation required for your business. Refunds will not be given.

All attendees should make themselves aware of the contents of the GWTS Event Management Plan. This will uploaded here in June 2024.

Due to the usual heightened interest from Swindon Borough Council Tattoo Artists and Piercers will be required to follow specific guidance. We have worked hard to ensure this is as close to your normal daily routine as possible.

The additional guidance for Tattoo Artists and Skin Piercers can be found in the Event Management Plan.




Below is a plan of the venue (not to scale) and a spreadsheet showing your location. If we have made a mistake or missed communication from you, changes can be made, other requests may be accepted.




We are hoping to make this event as smooth for you as possible. Please feedback any issues as soon as possible and we will aim to sort them.

All traders will be provided with tables, chairs and power outlets as requested.

Unless specifically requested all Tattoo Artists and Piercers will be provided with the following – 


A booth area no smaller than 2m x 2m.

A trestle table 1.8m wide

An exam type table for working from.

A standard chair and covering.

Hygienic floor covering

13amp socket (please bring a suitable extension lead for your intended needs).

Cleaning spray and red cloths for single use on furniture.

Liquid solidifing powder.

Yellow offensive waste bag.

General waste bag.

Sharps disposal box.

A table talker printed either side with ‘Walk Ups Available’ and ‘Fully Booked’ and an online consent form QR code.

Disposable aprons.

Complementary drinking water.


The Artist Support / Stencil area will contain –


First aid kits.

Spill kits.

Spare solidifier, waste bags, aprons, cloths, drinking water and cleaning spray.

1 x bluetooth thermal printer.

2 x thermal stencil copiers.

1 x Epson Eco Tank Stencil Printer and paper.

1 x printer and paper.

1 x scanner printer and paper.


Hand wash sinks are provided at locations as marked. If you find a problem with these facilities please report it immediately. 


Please let us know if you are missing something or need something as soon as possible so we can get it sorted.