Artists and Piercers Feedback

We have already decided to go ahead with GWTS24 and would love your feedback to help us improve. You can do that easily by clicking the thumbs up icon below. There are a number of improvements that we have already decided on to make to make ours, and your life easier and the event smoother and more enjoyable. these are things such as

1. all details, images, deposit, documents etc being collected online at the time of registration along with expiry dates etc. No Gary chasing you when you’ve already done it!

2. a larger team working on the build up and admin.

3. A review of the awards to bring in more awards but keep things really competitive still.

4. Increasing numbers but not by more than around 20 to keep everyone busy (footfall should be at least double next year).

5. A marquee between the two halls making that an inside space as well.

6. Using the judging area for artist support and having printers that work properly without guidance!

7. A live jukebox dj playing requests all weekend (i’ll work out and easy way of submitting them.

8. Screens in the right place to give everyone decent sized booths.

I’m sure there will be more and will we give your feedback serious consideration as well. The plan is to offer everyone who attended this year a booth at a slightly discounted rate (and allow colleagues from the same studio as well), then in september contact those who had genuine reasons for pulling out and then everyone else. Hopefully by filling the line up asap i can concentrate on the event more. A huge thanks for coming and we really hope to see you again next year. 


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How was our communication before and during the event?
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How were the instructions regarding finding and attending the event?
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How were the event facilities not specifically relating to tattooing or piercing? (car parking, food, drink etc)
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